The Most Versatile Vibrating Concrete Tool

Every so often, we get the opportunity to talk about our absolute favourite products, and today is one of those days. This product has been with us for years and we’re proud to carry it because of the incredible results and repeatedly pleased customers who use it. We’re talking about none other than the Rattle Stick EX Concrete Bull Floats. We have supplied numerous flat work companies with this amazing product because it always performs, cuts down on labour time, and if we don’t have it in stock, we have a close relationship with the supplier to get it quickly! Well, what just is the Rattle Stick?

The Rattle Stick EX Bull Float is a concrete bull-floating tool that vibrates to smooth out freshly poured concrete. Like you would use a bull float right when screeding is completed, you can use the Rattle Stick to do the same and to remove excess moisture or bleed water that rises to the surface through the vibrations caused by the tool. This is an incredibly important step in finishing concrete. The adjustable handle allows for it to be used in all sizes of jobs and the various bull float bottoms allow for increased versatility for different bends and curves needed on poured concrete. Overall creating an incredibly versatile concrete bull-floating tool with no question as to why it's constantly growing in popularity. The Rattle Stick EX Bull Floats come compatible with DeWalt, Makita, and Milwaukee batteries, just be sure to select the specific one that you need!

On top of providing excellent products, Rattle Stick does a tremendous job of uploading informative and interesting YouTube videos on their products. See by clicking here a video uploaded FOUR years ago that holds up great on explaining the various ways that the Rattle Stick EX Bull Float can be used. The videos especially showcase the simplicity and speed in which the Rattle Stick is used on job sites, lowering the labour involved which saves money. Click their channel to see further explanations, live on-site demos, and different applications for the bull floats. Their channel has just about everything you need to find out all about Rattle Stick bull floats.  As you already know now, Form & Build is a proud carrier of this product line and we would love to talk more with you about it on the phone at our number 519-453-4300 or you can go directly to our website by clicking here to check it out for yourself and see how it can be right for you!

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Seaton Water Treatment Pumping Station

project gallery image

Job Name: Seaton Water Treatment Pumping Station

Contractor: Maple Reinders

Owner: Municipality of Durham

Engineer/Architect: Maple Reinders


As part of its Master Plan, the Municipality of Durham undertook efforts to build a new wastewater treatment and pumping station in Seaton. This station will accommodate future development and growth in the GTA’s largest municipality. Maple Reinders was awarded the Design/Build contract for this project and looked to Form & Build Supply to help provide a wide array of the products specified on this project.

Product(s)/Solutions Provided:

A notable success story on this project relates to the procurement of the concrete forming tubes. The project plans required the forming subcontractor to cast-in-place a total of 48 concrete columns 24 feet high by 20 inches in diameter. The challenge arose from the scheduling of these pours. Around 12 columns could reasonably be set up and poured together. However, receiving all forming tubes at once was not ideal because the unused tubes would have to sit outside and possibly be subject to degradation due to weather. Degraded product ultimately leads to higher costs.

To overcome this challenge, Form & Build worked closely with the forming subcontractor to lay out a specific delivery schedule of the tubes to the site. Working with the manufacturer – Greif – this delivery schedule provided the contractor not only the forming tubes required but all the necessary accessories when they were needed. By working in close partnership with the contractor, Form & Build ensured that the required product was delivered in a timeframe that fit with the pre-determined construction schedule.

Customer service that helps you get the job done right is something Form & Build strives for on every project.

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