Press Pit

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Feltz Design Build LTD




MTE Consultants

FDB LTD was retained as the general contractor to renovate an existing industrial facility to make way for a new powdered metal press. A portion of the work involved constructing a pit apx 30x30 with a founding grade of 12 BFF. Previous excavations within the building had shown some free groundwater during spring conditions. Because a typical waterproofing layer on the outside of the pit walls could not be installed due to the nature of the excavation and the dead wall design, the owner and engineers decided to investigate a concrete admixture that would prevent ground water seepage and seal the interior of the pit from oil leakage to the surrounding soil.

Form and Build, in conjunction with Lavis Ready Mix, suggested the KIM waterstop admixture as an alternative to a costly conventional excavation and additional epoxy coating on the inside of the pit. This helped to keep the project on time and on budget. We have found that the admixture has performed as advertised and was an economical solution to complex construction challenge.