Caledonia Mill

Project Details


Schilthuis Construction Inc.


Riverside Properties


Kalos Engineering, Invizij Architects

No amount of money could save the Caledonia Mill, an iconic landmark built on the banks of the Grand River around 1853. After more than 150 years, three major additions and interior changes had made the structure unsafe, the building was leaning towards the river and some of the walls were collapsing. When the community group that owned it gave up on their dream of restoring the building, they approached three partners (one being Schilthuis) to purchase it—and they said yes. The building couldn’t be restored—but it could be rebuilt. After consultation with the local historical society, the mill was dismantled piece by piece, with artifacts, machinery and building materials being salvaged for reuse or display. On the inside, the building will be four-stories of Class A office space, a use that ensured the quiet residential character of the neighbourhood would be upheld. On the outside, the building will look the same as the original, down to the hand-painted “Grand River Mills” and “Caledonia Milling Co.” signs on either side of the upper story.

With such a large undertaking, Schilthuis contacted Form & Build to get all needed materials and tools, including the Atlas EnergyShield Poly Iso Insulation, which works as both an insulation and a thermal barrier.