Nature Fresh

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Job Name: Nature Fresh Farms Phase 7

Contractor: South Essex Fab

Owner: Nature Fresh

Engineer/Architect: N/A


Nature Fresh Phase 7 began in 2018 and is ongoing. With a greenhouse expansion, and an 118,000 sq ft warehouse, a wide array of trades has been involved, including: Excavation, Formwork, Flatwork, Electrical, Mechanical and Welders to name a few.

Product(s)/Solutions Provided:

Form & Build has supplied numerous products over the duration of the project and continues to do so; from the beginning supplying forming materials, then moving on to expansion joints, sonotubes, rigid insulation and wire mesh sheets. On top of the products to get the job done, Form & Build has also supplied ride on Power Trowels which completely changed the speed and work flow of the project. Projects of this size and nature often come with unexpected needs and sudden deadlines, F&B works hard and consistently meets those needs and deadlines.

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