Copper Road Salt Dome

Project Details


Kenaidan Contracting, CBM Redi-Mix


Region of Peel


Region of Peel

The Region of Peel had plans to build a new Salt Dome to support their winter maintenance operations. Salt Domes are subjected to all kinds of heavy traffic and wear-and-tear. From heavy transport delivery trucks to front end loaders scraping the floor slab, these facilities need to withstand a lot. To combat these challenges, the original specification called for a traditional surface-applied hardener for the concrete floor slab and dome walls. The City was concerned whether this hardener would actually be able to provide the long-term durability needed for the life-cycle of the facility.

To better achieve their needs, Form and Build Supply recommended the Region of Peel substitute Hard-Cem for the originally specified hardener. Hard-Cem is an integral hardener that enhances the long-term durability and abrasion resistance of concrete better than typical surface-applied hardeners. It can be used with both air-entrained and non-air-entrained concrete. Also, because it’s integral and is added to the concrete mix during batching, it eliminates the labour required to apply a hardener after the concrete has cured. This saves both time and money.

With the addition of Hard-Cem into the project, the Region of Peel was able to expedite construction and be confident in the durability of the concrete of their new Salt Dome.

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