Piller’s Brantford

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Witzel Dyce Engineering

Well-known Canadian deli meat and sausage maker Piller’s began a $19.1 million expansion in fall 2020. This investment will add 27,000 square feet of production capacity to the company’s Brantford plant. As with many projects undertaken during the COVID-19 pandemic, the contractors involved had to contend with product shortages and substantial price increases on an array of materials most notably steel. Concrete contractors feel the brunt of these increases given the volumes of reinforcing steel rebar they purchase.

From the outset of the project, Form & Build Supply worked with the concrete contractor and engineering firm to try to replace some rebar with Forta-Ferro reinforcing concrete fibers. These patented fibers are an incredibly tough and durable three dimensional concrete reinforcement solution; an ideal substitute for rebar on horizontal applications. These fibers have been proven to reduce plastic and hardened concrete shrinkage, improve impact strength, and increase fatigue resistance and concrete toughness.

With that in mind, the fibers were originally intended for use on the project’s mezzanine floor where limited access made getting rebar to its intended spot very difficult. Unfortunately, the Engineer was not able to approve the fibers for this application in time.

However, as construction progressed and steel prices continued to rise, the concrete contractor looked more seriously at using Forta-Ferro for the 400 m3 slab-on-grade they needed to pour. For this application, the contractor worked with Form & Build to have the fibers approved with ample lead time. The use of the fibers benefited the contractor in two major ways. First, with record high steel prices, they saved money on a direct material-to-material basis.
Second, removing the rebar saved an estimated two days in labour costs otherwise required to place and tie the rebar. As a bonus, the contractor was also very impressed with the high quality finish they achieved with the fibers.

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