Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex

Project Details


Collaborative Structures Ready Mix: Hanson Ready-Mix


City of Waterloo


Parkin Architects Limited

The City of Waterloo’s planned expansion of the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex broke ground in early 2020. However, construction was halted for a period of time due to the onset of the Coronavirus. When construction resumed, the General Contractor (GC) turned its attention to the pouring and waterproofing of the building’s elevator shaft. The original specification required a brush applied waterproofing membrane. The GC grew concerned that finding the manpower for this labour-intensive process would prove difficult during the pandemic and risk delaying the construction schedule.

In discussing these concerns, Form and Build was able to recommend Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) from Kryton as the best solution to the GC’s problem. KIM is a hydrophilic crystalline admixture used to create permanently waterproof concrete. Because the product is integral, it eliminates the labour required for surface-applied waterproofing thereby accelerating the construction schedule.

Form and Build also recommended Kryton’s Krytonite Swelling Waterstop for use in the joints of the structure. Krytonite has superior swelling pressure and performance that stops water better than bentonite and competing swelling waterstops.

By incorporating the Kryton waterproofing system into the structure, the GC was able to save time. It also provided confidence to the owner of the structure’s long-term impermeability and therefore lower lifetime repair and maintenance costs.

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