Innovation Hub

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Newton Group/ Tri Con Haid Concrete Finishing Ltd.




Tacoma Engineers

To build on its vision of cutting-edge manufacturing, Guelph-based Linamar recently constructed the Linamar Innovation Hub. From conception through to design and build, the facility needed to accommodate the dynamic nature of the company’s business. Research, development, and contract-manufacturing require a facility that can withstand constant re-tooling and rearrangement of heavy equipment. This created the necessity for a particularly resilient concrete floor.

To create a durable, abrasion-resistant floor, Form & Build supplied Hard-Cem manufactured by Kryton. Hard-Cem is an Integral Hardening Admixture (IHA) that has the ability to at least double the wear life of a concrete pad. This makes it an ideal choice for a number of applications including industrial, transportation, marine, and many more. Essentially, wherever there are high-loads and abrasion-inducing activities, Hard-Cem will protect your concrete investment.

For this project, the following benefits also helped the customer feel confident in their choice of floor hardener:
• Consistency – Hard-Cem provides uniform hardness throughout the entire slab.
• Labour Savings – Hard-Cem is batched either at the concrete plant or at site whereas traditional shake-on hardeners must be applied after the pad is poured.
• Rust-Resistant – Unlike other metallic/fibre based hardeners considered for the project, Hard-Cem will not rust in the areas around the exterior doors of the facility.

Concluding Remarks:
Every day at Form & Build we enjoy the opportunity to build trust and form loyalty with the people who build our communities. Do not hesitate to reach out to any one of our six branches to inquire about how we can help you on your next project. If you’re an Engineer or Contractor interested in what Hard-Cem can do for you, click here to request a Lunch-and-Learn. Or get in touch with Joe Taylor to learn more, here.