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Job Name: NRC

Contractor: Contractor: Pomerleau, I-PAC Paving Ready Mix: Matrix Ready Mix

Owner: Undisclosed

Engineer/Architect: N/A


For their New Build, the owner of the NRC building wanted their concrete walkways to match the colour of their precast panels. The original plan was to use white pigmented curing compound, however this wasn’t a permanent solution.

Product(s)/Solutions Provided:

Titanium Dioxide is available in 55lbs bags that can be dosed at 1 bag/m3 for a brilliant white finish, to 1 bag/4m3 for an off-white colour. It does not alter the design mix of concrete, and is added to the concrete at the time of batching by cutting open the bag and pouring it in.

For this project, Metrix Ready Mix supplied 60 bags of titanium dioxide, dosed at 1 bag/m3.

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