The Gaslight Condos

Project Details


Melloul Blamey Construction/Tri-Con Haid Concrete Finishing Ltd.


HIP Developments


ABA Architects/EXP Consultants

Development of the new Gaslight District on the old Southworks grounds in Galt (Cambridge) promises to create a thriving community that will feature condos, retail shops, commercial space, and entertainment venues. The site is defined by its historical structures that have housed a variety of industrial and commercial activities throughout their existence. Due to the site’s long history, the developer faced problems typical in developing brownfield – or potentially contaminated – land. Sites of this nature often have indeterminate levels of contaminants in the soil; a by-product of decades of industrial or commercial use. If not dealt with properly, these contaminants can seep through a building’s concrete ground slab and create a health hazard for building occupants. The developer and contractor therefore had to find a way to prevent any potential vapour transmission of harmful chemicals into their buildings above.

With the advice of Form and Build, the contractor decided to use the Perminator EVOH 20 Mil Underslab Gas Vapour Barrier manufactured by W.R. Meadows. Perminator EVOH is a seven-layer co-extruded barrier manufactured from state-of-the-art polyethylene and EVOH resins. As an underslab gas/vapour barrier, Perminator EVOH is highly resilient and designed to restrict gases, such as radon, methane, gasoline, solvents, oils, and hydrocarbons from migrating through the ground and into the concrete slab.

By also using W.R. Meadows’ EVOH tape to seal the barrier’s joints, the contractor was able to provide a superior vapour barrier system under the 81,000 square feet of concrete ground slabs required for the project. Through a deep knowledge of construction’s ever-evolving challenges and relationships with industry-leading manufacturers, Form and Build was once again able to provide the right materials on time to get the job done.

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