Whitby Health Centre

Project Details


JJ McGuire




Lea Consultants Itd. Lett Architects Inc.

For the construction of a new Health Clinic in Whitby, the contractor reached out to Form & Build to procure many of the items needed to complete all of the concrete work. Everything from Grief forming tubes to Krystaline Plug from Kryton to effectively patch tie holes were supplied according the project timeline. Originally, the contractor intended to cure the building footings using standard burlap for a wet cure. While a wet cure with burlap has its advantages, it requires daily watering to achieve an effective cure. This process is time consuming and may be forgotten for a day or two on a busy job site. This ultimately can lead to a substandard and weaker concrete slab.

Recognizing these limitations of a traditional wet burlap cure, the Form & Build sales representative suggested the contractor use TopCure concrete curing cover. Made from a clean, nonwoven fabric, this curing cover is simply rolled onto a saturated slab and removed after 7 days. It effectively retains moisture for a superior, blemish free cure. Its durable construction can withstand light to medium duty traffic allowing work to continue during the 7 day cure time.

The contractor was impressed with the performance and pleased to learn of a new, effective way to achieve a strong, dense concrete slab.