Dundas Street Reconstruction

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City of Cambridge Regional Sewer & Watermain


City of Cambridge



The City of Cambridge recently undertook a complete road reconstruction of its main street. Part of this reconstruction involved a pedestrian tunnel running underneath the road. Once excavated, the contractor needed to effectively waterproof this concrete tunnel. However, the irregular shape of the tunnel made traditional peel-and-stick waterproofing membranes unfeasible.

Form & Build Supply’s solution was to provide the contractor with Mel-Rol LM and the accompanying protection board Vibraflex. These components work together as a comprehensive waterproofing solution. Opposed to traditional peel-and-stick membranes, Mel-Rol LM is a single-component liquid membrane that is applied cold using rollers. The membrane – being a liquid – will conform to the shape of the substrate along with its irregularities forming a continuous, waterproof coating. Using Vibraflex – a semi-rigid asphalt panel – ensures the long-term protection of the membrane.

In addition to this solution providing long-term protection of the City’s assets, the minimal labour required for installation provided benefits to the contractor. In one day, the contractor applied two coats of Mel-Rol LM and installed the Vibraflex with a crew of just two people. The inherent ease-of-installation of this solution translates into shorter timelines and ultimately greater dollar savings.

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