Bridge # 7 Rehabilitation

Project Details




Dufferin County


R.J Burnside

The rehabilitation of Bridge # 7 confronted many of the challenges common to county bridge repairs. These bridges ferry sizable traffic loads, generally over environmentally sensitive areas, and are subject to harsh Canadian weather conditions. To ensure the long-term structural integrity in the face of these elements, this project required a reliable way to inhibit the damaging process of corrosion to the bridge’s embedded rebar.

To achieve superior corrosion inhibiting properties, the project engineers specified the use of MCI-2005 NS
manufactured by Cortec and supplied in Ontario exclusively by Form & Build Supply. This concrete admixture was selected due to its lower dosage rates and superior corrosion inhibiting ability relative to more well-known Calcium Nitrite products. As a USDA Certified Bio-Based product, MCI-2005 NS also reduced the risk of contamination to the surrounding ecosystem during bridge construction.

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