W.R. Meadows CS-309-30

SKU: M13551301, M13551305

CS-309-30 acrylic curing and sealing compound offers a 30% solids content. It is a clear, transparent, ready-to-apply, non-yellowing liquid compound formulated from special acrylic polymers and quick-evaporating solvents that effectively and economically cures and seals freshly placed concrete. CS-309-30 meets the 350 g/L VOC limit for concrete curing compounds.

CS-309-30 is ideal for application on commercial and industrial concrete surfaces, sidewalks, patios, multi-level parking decks, driveways, and parking areas … wherever you want to simultaneously cure and seal exterior concrete surfaces. The use of CS-309-30 on any exterior concrete surface provides a durable, long-lasting finish that has improved resistance to chemicals, oil, grease, de-icing salts, and abrasion. CS-309-30 provides an attractive, low sheen finish that enhances the natural appearance of the concrete.



  • Permeable film allows moisture in cured concrete to evaporate.
  • Provides an economical, non-yellowing, durable, tough, uniform, premium-grade, long-lasting film finish on exterior concrete surfaces.
  • Cures, hardens, dustproofs and seals freshly placed concrete simultaneously in one application.
  • Produces a premium-grade seal yielding superior moisture retention.
  • Minimizes hair-checking, cracking, dusting, spalling, and other defects common to improperly cured concrete.
  • Resists discoloration due to ultraviolet degradation.
  • Provides improved resistance to chemicals, oil, grease, de-icing salts, and abrasion during construction.
  • Provides an attractive sheen that enhances the natural appearance of concrete.
  • Applies easily … dries quickly for less downtime.
  • Permits easy cleanup and housekeeping … reduces floor maintenance costs.
  • Minimizes excessive shrinkage.
  • Increases both compressive and tensile strengths for greater resistance to cracking and surface crazing.

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