W.R. Meadows Bellatrix

SKU: M13335001, M13335005

BELLATRIX is formulated using dual-protection technology combined with unique hybrid polymers to offer the ultimate in concrete protection. Proprietary, dual-action technology provides the ultimate in both penetrating and film-forming concrete protection. BELLATRIX offers VOC-compliant protection, which provides increased stain suspension and resistance against most contaminants found in kitchens, retail food stores, restaurants, malls, garages, warehouses, distribution centers, etc.


  • Breathable film allows moisture in cured concrete to evaporate.
  • Offers improved resistance against many common household chemicals.
  • Provides excellent blush resistance in damp environments.
  • Applies easily and economically.
  • VOC-compliant.
  • Protects the finish when used on polished concrete.
  • For both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Rejuvenates previously sealed or densified concrete.
  • Perfect for use over acrylic sealers.

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18.9L PAIL, 4L JUG


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