W.R. Meadows Pentreat 244-100

SKU: M13470005

PENTREAT 244-100 is a reactive, penetrating, 100% active silane sealer that inhibits water and chloride ion penetration in concrete and masonry structures. PENTREAT 244-100 is a hydrophobic, impregnating sealer that helps prevent chloride-induced corrosion of rebar, scaling, spalling, freeze-thaw damage, and other causes of debilitating concrete.

PENTREAT 244-100 is designed for use on horizontal, vertical, overhead, new and existing concrete and masonry above-grade surfaces. Suitable applications include residential commercial, industrial, and municipal projects. PENTREAT 244-100 can be used on all types of concrete, including parking structures, driveways, plazas, patios, walkways, median barriers, bridge decks and piers, ramps, traffic barring concrete, marine structures, vehicular repair and wash down facilities, and loading docks.

18.9L PAIL

  • High-performance, breathable, reactive, penetrating, superior water repellent sealer.
  • Provides an effective chloride screen.
  • Keeps treated surfaces cleaner.
  • Minimizes penetration from de-icing chemicals, salt, water, etc. that may damage concrete/masonry surface.
  • Reduces spalling of new concrete surfaces.
  • Will extend the life of concrete and masonry structures.
  • Penetrates deeply for maximum protection.
  • Seals pores and capillaries of substrate, preventing liquid absorption while allowing excellent vapour transmission.
  • Leaves no residue/Requires no cleaning after application.


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