Stegmeier Cantilever Capstone with White Tile Strip Pool Deck Form

SKU: S19CF112


Stegmeier’s Cantilever forms are foam forms that attach to the tile on gunite (or one-piece fiberglass) pools and secured with double face tape and tie wires. Set up time is minimal (usually the morning of the pour) and they may be removed early while the concrete is still wet enough to “slick finish” with a foam profile edging tool. The tie wires are positioned approximately 14″ apart and are designed to sever below the surface of the concrete.


  • Kit includes: (14) 8′ Long Captone Forms, (14) 8′ Tile Strip, (1) Tie Wire Side Kit
  • Designed for use with tile on gunite or one-piece fiberglass pools
  • Made of a light EPS foam
  • Easy setup with included face tape and tie wires.
  • Flexibility – forms conform easily to most free-form designs but can be bent to a tight radius using the bending tape provided


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