W.R. Meadows HIAC-Plus

SKU: M13531005

HIAC-PLUS acrylic concrete sealer is a high solids, acrylic polymer solution that dries to a clear, colourless film, which improves abrasion resistance of the concrete. The product provides strong, durable film that will not after-yellow. It also provides improved weather and stain resistance, combined with a dustproof sealer.

HIAC-PLUS can be used on driveways, patios, loading docks, swimming pool areas, and exposed aggregate, as
well as any exterior surface where protection and sealing of concrete is desired (dries to a medium high sheen).
HIAC-PLUS offers improved resistance to rain, sun, freezing temperatures, stains, oil, grease, de-icing salts,
cleaning agents (except aromatic solvents), and caustics, as well as airborne soot, dust, and other pollutants.


  • Permeable film allows moisture in cured concrete to evaporate.
  • High acrylic content for positive weatherproofing, stainproofing, and dustproofing qualities.
  • Provides a clear, tough, easy-to-clean film, which improves abrasion and stain resistance.
  • High or medium sheen – quick drying.
  • Floors sealed with HIAC-PLUS can later be painted (consult reputable paint manufacturer for compatibility) or covered with resilient flooring, if desired.


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