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Planibond 3C is a three-component corrosion inhibitor and bonding agent system consisting of water-based, solvent-free, moisture-tolerant, epoxy-modified corrosion inhibitors. It can be applied using a brush, short-nap roller, push broom or hopper spray equipment. Planibond 3C excels as a cementitious bonding agent and corrosion protection treatment. Use Planibond 3C on all exposed reinforcing steel and as a bonding agent before the placement of repair products.

• Interior/exterior applications
• As an anticorrosion coating for reinforcing steel
• As a bonding agent for concrete repair mortars or fresh concrete to existing concrete substrates and steel reinforcement

5.7L KIT

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• High in density and alkalinity, Planibond 3C offers outstanding corrosion protection by providing resistance from the penetration of chlorides, carbon dioxide and pollutants.
• Highly versatile regarding application methods: Use a brush, short-nap roller, push broom or hopper spray equipment.
• Provides excellent bond strength when used to place new concrete adjacent to existing concrete
• Once cured, Planibond 3C is unaffected by moisture, remains breathable and does not act as a vapor barrier.
• Long open time – up to 24 hours
• Nonflammable and solvent-free


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