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For over 40 years, Form & Build Supply has been working hand in hand with architects & engineering firms bringing new and innovative products into the market place. Our technical sales staff provide lunch and learn education sessions and provide detailed submittal packages to firms for product specifications.

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Form & Build Supply recently added the Tool & Fastener division to our product scope. This line greatly compliments our various product offering, providing our customers with even more value and contractor grade products from trusted names in the industry.

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Form & Build Supply representatives work closely with General Contractors on a daily basis providing solutions to concrete related problems and delivering quality products to the job sites. We recognize time sensitive situations and our knowledgeable sales team work diligently to ensure you get the right products on time.

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Form & Build Supply carries everything you need with it comes to forming! Whether it’s residential, commercial, curb & gutter….we have it all, making us “Your Source For Everything But The Concrete!”

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Form & Build has a wide selection of products available. Click to view some of what we have to offer.


Since 1975, Form and Build Supply Inc. has been the leader in supplying quality concrete related and masonry specialty products to the Ontario Construction industry. Form and Build Supply Inc. was established in London in 1975 as a sole owner/operator that represented 2 manufacturers. Since that time, our business has grown to include branches in Windsor, Kitchener, Mississauga and Hamilton and supplies products from over 100 leading manufacturers including W.R. Meadows, Mapei, Dow Chemical, FORMEX, Marshalltown, Kraft, QC, Kryton, and ABT inc.. Form and Build Supply Inc. has exclusivity on several products and has been involved in numerous high profile projects throughout Ontario and the United States. We have recently launched the Tools and Fasteners Division which includes products from Bosch, Milwaukee, Ramset, Buildex, Red Head, UCAN, Powers, Stabila and more.

Form and Build Supply is known in the industry for bringing innovative new products to the marketplace. Our sales team has extensive training on many of the 7000+ products we carry and are viewed by our customers as experts in our field

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