W.R. Meadows 1220-WHITE Pigmented Curing Compound

SKU: M13112200500

The 1220-WHITE pigmented curing compound is a waterborne, resin-based curing compound containing suspended white pigment. It permits complete hydration of the cement by retaining at least 97% of the water present in the concrete at the time of application for at least seven days. The white pigment reflects the heat-producing rays of the sun, keeping concrete surfaces cooler and preventing excessive heat build-up and resultant thermal cracking during the curing period.

The 1220-WHITE is a reflective curing compound designed for exterior use on freshly placed concrete surfaces, both horizontal and vertical, particularly where protection from the sun’s heat is required. It is recommended for use on driveways, walls, sidewalks, concrete highways, runways, overpasses, bridges, tunnels, etc.


  • 1220-WHITE pigmented curing compound contains SUSPENSOID, a unique additive which assists pigment dispersion and prevents excessive pigment settlement.
  • Excellent moisture retention properties.
  • Excellent heat reflective properties.
  • Excellent sprayability.
  • Easy clean-up.


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