W.R. Meadows Precon Detail Fabric

SKU: M16057120

DETAIL FABRIC is a polypropylene, staple fibre, needle-punched, nonwoven geotextile fabric. The fibres are needled to form a stable network that retains dimensional stability relative to each other. The geotextile is resistant to ultraviolet degradation and to biological and chemical environments normally found in soils.

DETAIL FABRIC is designed for end lap applications of PRECON® and PRECON LOW TEMP from W. R. MEADOWS. The use of DETAIL FABRIC will create a waterproof and vaporproof shield that will help resist moisture penetration through ends laps of PRECON and PRECON LOW TEMP.


  • Superior chemical resistance.
  • Sturdy fabric capable of withstanding construction installation stresses.
  • Maximum UV resistance.


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