Kryton Krystol Broadcast (25KG)

SKU: K2K25025

Krystol Broadcast is a dry shake crystalline waterproofing treatment that transforms new flatwork concrete into a permanent waterproofing barrier. Krystol Broadcast is troweled in during the final finishing to become an integral part of the concrete that replaces the need for conventional membrane waterproofing systems. Krystol Broadcast features a unique fugitive dye to ensure uniform distribution and produces a smooth finish suitable for non-air entrained slabs.

Krystol Broadcast contains Krystol technology. When applied to concrete, Krystol chemically reacts with water and un-hydrated cement particles to form needle-shaped crystals that fill capillary pores and micro-cracks in the concrete and permanently block the pathways for water and waterborne contaminants. Any moisture introduced over the lifespan of the concrete will initiate crystallization, ensuring permanent waterproofing protection.


  • Replaces unreliable exterior membranes, liners and coatings
  • Self-seals hairline cracks up to 0.5 mm (0.2 in.)
  • Fugitive dye coloring ensures uniform distribution
  • Does not change finished slab appearance
  • Protects reinforcing steel against corrosion
  • Can be used as a wear surface
  • Reaches well below the surface and is not harmed by surface wear or abrasion
  • Withstands extreme hydrostatic pressure
  • Finished concrete may be painted or covered with any floor finish as usual
  • Permanently waterproofs concrete
  • Lowers the cost of waterproofing
  • Reduces the cost of maintenance and repairs


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