W.R. Meadows Patch Prime

SKU: M18130001

PATCH-PRIME Exposed Steel Primer is a polymer modified, cementitious based, two component material consisting of a dry powder and a liquid component packaged as a unit in a mixing container.

Provides corrosion protection for all types of embedded steel, i.e. rebar, anchor bolts, bearing plates etc.,
exposed during preparation for concrete repairs where a cementitious repair material will be applied . . . horizontal, vertical or overhead. Replaces smooth, non-absorbent, epoxy rustproofing coatings. Suggested for use with all W. R. MEADOWS’ cementitious Patching Compounds.


  • Contains a migrating corrosion inhibitor.
  • Non-toxic water-borne mixture.
  • Excellent adhesion to steel, concrete and repair mortars.
  • Easy to apply by brush.
  • Easy water clean-up after use.
  • Alkalinity similar to concrete.
  • If applied to concrete surfaces adjacent to rebar it will not act as a bond breaker.
  • Coating is vapour permeable.


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