Steel Dog Resi-Coil Tie

SKU: 1227000000

The Steel Dog Resi-Coil™ Tie is a multipurpose Transition Tie for 1-1/8″ plywood concrete forms. With a Resi-Tie electronically welded to a ½”coil tie end, the Resi-Coil™ Tie gives the user the versatility of threaded coil rod for one-sided forming, long ties, and other purposes, while still using the quickest, handset modular form system.

  • Standard Resi Tie on one end—coil rod adapter on the other
  • Opens up the possibilities of industry-standard coil rod hardware to the 1-1/8” form user

  • Low cost solution for one-sided forming and adjustable-length ties

  • Welded to rigorous standards using computer-controlled equipment—each Resi Coil™Tie is as strong as a standard Resi Tie


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