Mapei Mapecrete Hard SB

SKU: M248668

Mapecrete Hard SB is a special blend of silicate and siliconate polymers specifically designed to penetrate new and existing interior concrete in order to densify, seal, dustproof and harden the surface. It is formulated to chemically react and create an internal bond that increases surface density, durability and abrasion resistance. Mapecrete Hard SB is a colorless, environmentally friendly chemical solution that increases the wearing strength of concrete floors subjected to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Floors treated with Mapecrete Hard SB last longer, are easier to maintain, and keep an attractive sheen on concrete that will not peel or fade away.


• Environmentally friendly with a VOC-free and odorless formula
• Can be applied to newly cured and existing concrete
• Will not discolor, yellow, chip or peel
• Resists and allows for the easy removal of tire marks
• Provides an attractive, durable floor for years after application
• Increases water repellency of concrete surfaces

• High-performance areas subject to forklift traffic
• Concrete floors subject to high pedestrian traffic
• Polished concrete floors


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