Mapei Ultraplan M20 Plus

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Ultraplan M20 Plus is suitable for use as a commercial wear topping in warehouse and alternate industrial applications where an exceptional flat and smooth concrete surface is desired.

Ultraplan M20 Plus is an HCT (High-Hydrated Cement Technology) calciumaluminate-based, quick-setting, self-leveling, self-drying material. It is specially formulated for the resurfacing and construction of interior horizontal surfaces as a high-compressive-strength underlayment with maximum resistance to wheel tracking and indentations experienced in softer underlayments.


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• Very high compression strength for maximum durability
• Fast-setting and abrasion-resistant
• For use as an underlayment or decorative topping

• For leveling, smoothing and repairing of interior, residential or commercial floors before the installation of flooring systems or floor coverings
• Fast-track resurfacing and construction of horizontal wear surfaces
• For use over radiant-heated floors or to encapsulate hydronic or electric radiant-heated floors
• Interior, residential applications (such as rental apartments, condominiums and homes)
• Interior, commercial applications (such as office buildings, hotel rooms/ hallways, restaurants and cafeterias)
• Interior, heavy-commercial applications (such as hotel lobbies, convention centers, airports, shopping malls, grocery stores and department stores)
• Interior, institutional applications (such as hospitals, schools, universities, libraries and government buildings)


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