Mapei Ultraplan Lite

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Ultraplan Lite is a polymer-modified, calcium-aluminate-based, lightweight, self-drying, self-leveling underlayment. It has been specifically designed for use for leveling substrates that are not rated to carry the full weight of a traditional self-leveling underlayment. Ultraplan Lite mixes easily and flows out to a suitable finish with a final dry density of about 67 lbs. per cu. ft. (1 073 kg per m3) at 28 days.


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• About 50% the density of traditional self-leveling underlayments
• Up to 2″ (5 cm) in thickness in a single pour
• 25 lbs. (11.3 kg) of Ultraplan Lite provides coverage equal to 50 lbs. (22.7 kg) of a standard self-leveler.

• For leveling, smoothing and repairing of interior, residential or commercial floors before the installation of flooring systems or floor coverings
• For use over radiant-heated floors or to encapsulate hydronic or electric radiant-heated floors
• Interior, residential applications (such as rental apartments, condominiums and homes)
• Interior, commercial applications (such as office buildings, hotel rooms/ hallways, restaurants and cafeterias)
• Interior, heavy-commercial applications (such as hotel lobbies, convention centers, airports, shopping malls, grocery stores and department stores)
• Interior, institutional applications (such as hospitals, schools, universities, libraries and government buildings)


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