Mapei Planigrout 712

SKU: M215850000

Planigrout 712 is a one-component, nonshrinking, nonmetallic, cement-based grout. Planigrout 712 contains a corrosion inhibitor and silica fume, as well as a special blend of fine aggregate and plasticizers that provide exceptional placing and performance characteristics.

• For use as a nonshrink, premixed structural grout in applications requiring full load-bearing and stabilization. Planigrout 712 is also suitable for precast, cast-in-place and prestressed concrete applications.
• For interior and exterior applications over clean, properly prepared concrete substrates
• For structural grouting and anchoring in residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, marine and infrastructure applications


• Excellent compressive strength and positive expansion for structural grouting applications
• Can be used at a plastic, flowable or fluid consistency
• Provides superior resistance to water penetration, freeze/thaw cycles and de-icing salts
• One-component system that requires only the addition of potable water
• Has extremely low chloride content and is free of metallic aggregates, aluminum powder and gypsum


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