Mapei Planitop FD Flowable Repair Mortar

SKU: M215050000

Planitop FD is a one-part, shrinkage-compensated, cementitious, flowable mortar for a variety of repairs.  Planitop FD contains a corrosion inhibitor and is suited for form-and-pour applications as well as flatwork.

Concrete surface must be clean, sound and free of loose particles, efflorescence, paints, tar, grease, asphaltic materials, bond breakers, curing compounds, wax, and any foreign substance or any conditions

Before product use, take appropriate safety precautions. Refer to the Safety Data Sheet for details



  • Accelerated cure allows for a faster return to service on repair areas.
  • Variable water ratio allows for consistencies ranging from slopeable to pumpable
  • Use for both flatwork repairs and traditional form-and-pour.
  • Non-shrinking with corrosion inhibitor


  • Structural concrete repairs and restoration from 1/2″ to 4″ (12 mm to 10 cm) in thickness
  • Form-and-pour renovation of concrete structures such as galleries, tunnels, bridges, retaining walls, columns, building facades, ceilings and balconies
  • Form-and-pour treatment of blemishes and defects in concrete surfaces and for filling honeycombs, voids, cavities and rigid joints
  • deep-ill renovation of horizontal concrete surfaces subject to traffic, such as parking pads, ramps, trench filling and industrial floors




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