W.R. Meadows Hydralastic 836

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HYDRALASTIC 836 is a cold-applied, solvent-free, single-component waterproofing compound. It does not shrink, has a low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, and has a very low odour.

HYDRALASTIC 836 is suitable for use on interior or exterior concrete surfaces, where protection from water intrusion is desired.  The product can be used for both above-grade and below-grade applications.  HYDRALASTIC 836 is excellent for horizontal and vertical applications, such as waterproofing plaza decks, planter boxes, and sealing parapets.  The product is ideal for positive-side waterproofing for foundations and also split-slab applications.  HYDRALASTIC 836 can also be used in vertical applications.

  • Skins over in 30 minutes at 23° C
  • Easy application; no mixing required.
  • Can be applied to green concrete.
  • Will not slump.
  • Will not harm EPS or Styrofoam materials.
  • Does not require primer.
  • Does not freeze; will not be damaged due to freezing weather conditions.
  • Cures to a tough, flexible membrane.

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18.9L (5GL) PAIL


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