Formex Canseal Non-Sag (NS) Sealant

SKU: 4110111010, 4110111060

The CanSeal NS is a single component, moisture-curing, multifunctional adhesive and sealant designed for challenging bonding and sealing applications. The CanSeal NS is moisture-curing and produces high performance bonds of high strength and elasticity. The CanSeal NS bonds to a wide variety of substrates including steel, aluminum, ceramics, Styrofoam, EPS, glass, wood, fiberglass, concrete and other cementitious materials.

The CanSeal NS is composed of a hybrid polymer system that allows for application on new concrete, damp surfaces and inclement weather conditions that would challenge the more traditional products. There is no “outgassing” that could compromise the function or esthetics of the CanSeal NS.


  • The CanSeal NS is 100% solids, isocyanate-free and solvent-free.
  • As such it can be used on both interior and exterior applications with no workplace concerns.
  • While the CanSeal NS can tolerate incidental and temporary exposure to water, it should not be considered for applications involving continuous immersion.
  • For specialized applications involving specific and prolonged chemical exposure, there are other suitable CanSeal products to consider.

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