W.R. Meadows Vibraflex (MTO Grade)

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VIBRAFLEX bridge deck protection course is a multi-ply, semi-rigid asphalt panel composed of a mineral-fortified asphalt core between one liner of asphalt-saturated felt and one layer of fiberglass. One liner is weather-coated and has a polyethylene film facing.

It may be used in conjunction with most types of built-up dampproofing and waterproofing membranes, including liquid membranes, sheet membranes of EPDM, butyl, neoprene rubber, polyvinylchloride, as well as built-up systems. It is equally adaptable to concrete, wood, steel, and pre-stressed or precast concrete structures that require waterproofing. VIBRAFLEX is ideal for both new and remedial waterproofing applications.

3ft x 5ft

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  • Absorbs the impact of placing concrete or asphalt overlays and normal job site traffic on waterproofed slabs.
  • Protects membrane from penetration by sharp aggregates.


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