Mapei Mapedrain 30

SKU: M27393801

Mapedrain 30 is a high-strength, three-dimensional drainage composite. It consists of a woven filter fabric bonded to individual dimples of a molded polypropylene core, minimizing fabric intrusion into the drainage channels caused by overburden pressure. The filter fabric allows water to pass freely into the drainage core, which provides hydrostatic relief while preventing the passage of soil or sand particles that might clog the core. Mapedrain 30’s woven, monofilament fabric withstands high abrasion from applied overburden and prevents intrusion into the drainage core due to its low elongation characteristics. As such, the woven fabric is better suited to receive direct poured concrete than nonwoven geotextile fabrics.

4′ X 50′ ROLL

• Lightweight and easy to install, Mapedrain 30 provides cost savings and eliminates the need for aggregate backfill.
• Mapedrain 30 also serves as a protection course for MAPEI waterproofing membranes. Contact a MAPEI representative for specific guidelines.
• Mapedrain 30 high-flow drainage provides up to three times the flow capacity of aggregate or sand.
• Mapedrain 30 ’s high compression strength withstands overburden pressure.
• Mapedrain 30 channels water away from installed waterproofing systems.
• Native soils, gravel or concrete can be used over Mapedrain 30.
• Geotextile filter fabric ensures no-clog drainage by preventing intrusion of soil, concrete or construction grout into the flow channels.
• Unaffected by permanent immersion in water, bacteria, dilute acids and alkalis, Mapedrain 30 will not deteriorate when exposed to these conditions.
• Mapedrain 30 offers relief of hydrostatic pressure when connected to a passive gravity drain or operational sump pump.
• The efficiency-oriented volume packaging of Mapedrain 30 allows 7 rolls per pallet.
• The drain core is 40% post-industrial recycled polypropylene material.


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