Fero Rubble Masonry Support


The Fero Rubble Stone Support introduces a slotted extension strip onto either the Block Shear Connector or Hole Rap-Tie system. The V-Tie placement can be adjusted vertically to accommodate veneer materials with multi-dimensional properties. The Rubble Stone Support affixes rubble stone veneer walls to a structural backing like concrete block masonry. The Rubble Stone Support transfers loads that are perpendicular to a wall, but they are not designed to resist parallel forces.  The holed Plate is mortared directly into a head joint in the structural backing. This creates a stable integration and it reduces any play, deflection or connector deterioration. T

The Rubble Stone Support is mechanically fastened to two or more Plates and the V-Tie is inserted into the corresponding slot in the Support, providing a constant connection of the veneer wall to the structural backing without any risk of veneer disengagement.


  • Accommodates any wall, cavity or insulation width
  • Significantly reduces thermal bridging
  • Easy, one-trade installation
  • Maximum adjustability to suit various insulation thicknesses
  • Offers great flexibility and ease for installing rubble stone veneer
  • Accommodates a wide range of non-modular stone size and shape
  • Restrains components to eliminate disengagement
  • Reduces movement and free play
  • Reduces deformation caused by load


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