Marshalltown 500′ Braided Nylon Mason’s Line – White

SKU: M5623

The MARSHALLTOWN Mason’s Line helps you section off a dig and isn’t affected by mortar, oil, or mildew. Coming in a variety of styles, the Bonded Line is braided to make it more durable and reliable, the Braided Mason’s Line isn’t affected by extreme moisture or dryness, and the Twisted Mason Line is head-set after winding to stabilize. The line also comes in a variety of different colors, lengths, line sizes, and core sizes, so you can find the right Mason’s Line for you.

  • Braided nylon, size 18 – 6″ core
  • Will not unravel if struck by a trowel
  • Neither moisture nor dryness will affect its strength
  • Will not mildew


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