Fero FAST Shelf Angle Bracket

FERO FAST is quoted on a individual project basis, if interested in using FERO FAST please add to quote and we will reach out to learn more about your job and get you a quote!

The FAST (FERO Angle Support Technology) system was devised to meet a demand for building technology that offers fast, low-cost, and effective shelf angle installations. When compared to alternative offset shelf angle supports, such as gusset plates, the FAST system requires a fraction of the time to install and is proven to be more economical and buildable, and better performing. In fact, the supply and installation cost for the FAST system is about 50% less than other support systems.


  • Reduces steel costs relative to conventional shelf angle design and lower cost than alternative off-set methods and systems. Enables the use of readily available shelf angles.
  • Reduces thermal bridging caused by conventional shelf angles by 84% and significantly improves energy efficiency of your wall assembly, backed by independent data.
  • Fast, easy, one-trade installation, no welding required.
  • Slots on the bracket offer 1-3/4″ of vertical adjustability; FAST Thermal Brackets can be rotated to ensure the shelf angle is level. Horizontal adjustment is provided by FERO Shim Plates placed behind the bracket.
  • From design right through to the construction phase, FAST Thermal Brackets are engineered and manufactured to suit your project’s wall assembly.
  • Accommodates any wall, cavity or insulation width.
  • Available in hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel.

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102mm (4") Insulation, 114mm (4.5") Insulation, 127mm (5") Insulation, 51mm (2") Insulation, 64mm (2.5") Insulation, 76mm (3") Insulation, 89mm (3.5") Insulation


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