Emseal Submerseal® Expansion Joint

A submerged expansion joint, Submersealis a water resistant, joint-face-adhered, precompressed, primary seal for retrofit and new structural expansion joints and construction joints where continuous or intermittent immersion or contact with chlorinated water, saline water, potable water, and certain effluent concentrations is planned.

Featuring an arched silicone-bellows sealing surface and backed by an integral, pressure-resisting impregnated foam backing, Submerseal provides a lasting solution to joint sealing applications where constant exposure to water is expected.

The system is comprised of precompressed, silicone-and-impregnated-foam hybrid sealant installed into field-applied epoxy adhesive on the joint faces with the silicone bellows locked to the joint faces with a field-applied silicone sealant band and corner bead.

Submerseal is available in customized sizes to fit almost any submerged joint. Please contact us for a project-specific quote at one of the numbers below and make sure to check out the checklist.

London: 519-453-4300 or Email Here

Kitchener: 519-743-2210 or Email Here

Mississauga: 905-362-1554 or Email Here

Whitby: 905-233-8335 or Email Here

Hamilton: 905-388-2758 or Email Here

Windsor: 519-997-7000 or Email Here

  • Watertight, tensionless, arched silicone bellows
  • Resists hydrostatic head pressure
  • Resistant to saline water
  • Resistant to chlorinated water (up to 5 ppm)
  • Resistant to certain effluent concentrations (contact EMSEAL)
  • NSF/ANSI 61 compliant
  • Non-invasive anchoring
  • Joint-face adhered
  • Bellows never under tension during joint movement


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