Emseal Emshield® DFR3 Expansion Joint



A fire rated expansion joint, Emshield DFR3 is a watertight, traffic durable primary seal for repair, retrofit, and new installation in structural expansion joints and construction joints in horizontal-plane applications.

Emshield DFR3 is a 3-hour UL-certified fire barrier. (For 2-hour rating see Emshield DFR2)

Emshield DFR3 eliminates the need for fire blankets, mineral wools, liquid sealants, cover plates, or other fire stop materials. It can be used alone or under any other expansion joint cover, plate or filler where depth of substrate allows.

DFR3 is available in customized sizes to fit almost any horizontal fire-rated joint.  Please contact us for a project-specific quote.


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