Cortec MCI-2005NS Corrosion Inhibitor


MCI®-2005 NS is an organic corrosion inhibitor. It is considered ambiodic (mixed), meaning it protects both anodic and cathodic areas within a corrosion cell. MCI®-2005 NS contains a blend of amine salts of carboxylic acids which form a protective layer on embedded reinforcement delaying the onset of corrosion as well as reducing existing corrosion rates. MCI®-2005 NS is effective at enhancing the durability and extending the service life of concrete structures exposed to corrosive environments (carbonation, chlorides, and atmospheric attack).


  • Biobased (27%)
  • Earns credit towards LEED certification
  • Lower toxicity and environmental impact than traditional corrosion inhibiting admixtures such as calcium nitrite
  • Low dosage rate with minimal effect on concrete properties (i.e. workability, strength development, air entrainment, etc.)
  • Single dosage rate which is independent of expected exposure to chlorides
  • Ability to migrate through porous substrates (concrete, masonry, limestone, etc.) by capillary action, vapor diffusion and ionic attraction


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