Henry Blueskin VP160 Air Barrier – 48″ x 100′ Roll


Henry Blueskin VP160 is a self-adhered vapour permeable, water resistive air barrier consisting of an engineered film and a patented, permeable adhesive technology with split-back poly-release film. Henry Blueskin VP160 is fully adhered to the wall substrates in a weatherboard method without mechanical attachment.

Henry Blueskin VP160 is designed for commercial construction applications, Blueskin VP160 creates a water resistive air barrier when applied outside of the wall sheathing and behind the exterior wall cladding. Used for transitions, rough openings, fenestrations, and full-wall applications


  • Henry Blueskin VP160 meets highest industry standards for commercial air barriers
  • Sheds water while allowing vapour to pass through allowing walls to drain and substrates to dry
  • Creates a continuous plane of air-tightness helping to improve building thermal performance
  • Fully adheres to substrates eliminating water migration

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48" X 100'


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