Zeraus ZeraKlear™ Epoxy Floor Coating


ZeraKlear™ is a two-component, 100% solids, low viscosity clear epoxy coating that provides an attractive, tough and durable finish.  ZeraKlear™ is versatile, and can be applied as a smooth or non-slip coating, depending on the customers requirement. Its exceptionally low odour allows the product to be used in areas where other products cannot be used such as shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, and etc.


  • 100% solids, odourless; zero VOC’s
  • Easy to apply, clean, and maintain.
  • Attractive high gloss finish with good gloss retention
  • Enhances the appearance of the concrete
  • Resistant to staining and yellowing
  • Exceptionally high surface hardness
  • Excellent bond to concrete
  • Tough, highly durable
  • Outstanding water & water spotting resistance


  • Hospitals and laboratories,
  • Retail spaces and shopping malls
  • Locker rooms
  • Washrooms,
  • Dealership showrooms, institution buildings
  • Fire stations,
  • Garage floors
  • Warehouse facilities, storage areas and workshops
  • Recreational facilities

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11L KIT, 3.79L KIT, 56.7L KIT


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