Zeraus Zeradur™ 99SC Garage Floor Epoxy


ZeraDur™ 99SC is a non-slip attractive, 100% solid epoxy floor coating, low-odor two-component epoxy garage floor coating. Available in 2 standard colours, it is designed so that an average homeowner can install it in just two days (two-coat application).

Previously available only to high-end industrial contractors, we have adapted the same technology to the residential “Do it yourself” market.  The non-slip additive is supplied in the kit.  Just mix and apply it like paint using a roller and a paint tray. The result is outstanding!

ZeraDur™ is a self-priming floor coating. However, for optimal performance use ZeraPrime™ 95DS.  For flake systems, use ZeraDur™ 95SC Clear (UR) which is a UV-resilient clear epoxy coating with enhanced color stability.


  • 1-Gallon (3.78L) kit
  • Includes non-slip additive
  • Coverage: Prime Coat – 250-325 ft²/Gallon,  Top Coat – 200-225 ft²/Gallon
  • 100% solids, with low odor, zero VOC’s
  • Slower cure time for easier placement
  • Attractive high gloss finish
  • Excellent bond to concrete
  • Good wear resistance


  • Garage Floors
  • Interior concrete floors

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Clear, Oyster Grey, Stone Beige


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