Mapei Epojet LV

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Epojet LV is a moisture-tolerant, two-component, 100%-solids, very low-viscosity, epoxy injection resin that deeply penetrates as well as seals dry and damp hairline, non-dynamic cracks. Epojet LV may be applied by pressure injection or gravity feed, and can also be combined with sand to become an epoxy mortar.

• Use on interior/exterior horizontal, overhead and vertical surfaces.
• Use for pressure-injecting cracks in structural concrete, masonry and wood.
• Use to repair cracks in horizontal concrete and masonry by gravity feed.
• Use to restore and seal horizontal concrete slabs, and to improve their wearability.
• Use to repair delaminated surfaces.
• Use as an epoxy resin binder for epoxy mortar patching.


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• Comes in a dual cartridge for easy use
• Very low viscosity creates excellent penetration into fine cracks
• High bond strength
• Can help to prolong life of cracked concrete
• Moisture-tolerant
• Improves concrete surface by reducing water and chloride intrusion


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