Mapei Concrete Renew™ Concrete Resurfacer

SKU: M211125000


Concrete Renew is a one-component, polymer-modified cementitious material for the resurfacing of existing concrete to provide a like-new look to concrete surfaces.

• Interior or exterior use
• Resurfacing of sound concrete surfaces
• Residential vehicle and pedestrian applications
• Textured “skip-trowel” finishes
• Resurfacing of old concrete retaining walls
• Dressing up worn or spalled concrete to provide a like-new finish


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  • Natural light gray color
  • Can be finished by broom or trowel to resemble surrounding concrete
  • Compatible with most sealers, dyes and stains
  • Freeze/thaw-stable
  • Apply by trowel, broom, hopper gun and plaster pump



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