Fero Block Shear Connectors


The Fero Block Shear Connector dramatically changes typical masonry design when using concrete block masonry as the structural backing. Because of the vertical orientation of the Block Shear Connector and its consequent rigidity, the Block Shear Connector is positively embedded in the concrete block masonry structural backing and can resist moment at this junction.


  • Accommodates any wall, cavity or insulation widths, including large cavity sizes up to 18”
  • Significantly reduces thermal bridging
  • Increases the stiffness and resistance of the wall system
  • Minimizes cracking in the cladding (exterior) wythe
  • Reduces masonry labour and material construction costs – complete wall system can be installed by one trade
  • Eliminates the need for Tie Fasteners
  • Eases the inspection of spacing and tie placement

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Hot Dipped Galvanized, Stainless Steel

Block Thickness

100mm (4"), 150mm (6"), 190mm (8"), 240mm (10"), 290mm (12"

Insulation Thickness

0mm (0"), 13mm (1/2"), 25mm (1"), 38mm (1-1/2"), 51mm (2"), 64mm (2-1/2"), 76mm (3"), 89mm (3-1/2"), 102mm (4")


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