Emseal DSM System Expansion Joint



A watertight expansion joint, the DSM System is for horizontal-plane deck applications. Traffic durable, joint-face adhered and precompressed, DSM System is a primary seal for deck expansion joints. DSM’s toughness and resilience come from its microsphere-modified-acrylic impregnation and tensionless highway-grade silicone bellows coating.

The system is comprised of 1) pre-compressed, silicone-and-impregnated-foam hybrid; 2) field-applied epoxy adhesive on the joint faces; 3) a silicone sealant band that seals substrate voids and irregularities.

An unmatched performance record has established DSM System as a standard for parking deck and stadium expansion joint sealing. Unlike extruded rubber seals, ‘caulk-and-backer rod’ and other predecessor technologies, DSM does not suffer from compression-set nor does it rely on adhesion in tension for its performance. Highly configurable, the DSM System uniquely handles changes in plane and direction essential to ensuring continuity of seal.

DSM System is available in customized sizes to fit almost any horizontal joint.  Please contact us for a project-specific quote.


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