Emseal Backerseal® Expansion Joint

A joint sealant for building walls and wall systems, Backerseal is an economical, precompressed, secondary joint sealant to field-applied caulking. Backerseal is a polyurethane foam infused with a hydrophobic-acrylic impregnation technology.

Unlike double caulk and backer rod, Backerseal behind field-applied liquid sealants provides true belt and suspenders sealing, two systems working on different principles to perform the same function. Double caulk and backerrod is very difficult to install to achieve the geometry necessary to function in moving joints. In addition, the same forces (tensile stresses at the bondline and within the cured sealant) that will cause the outer installation to fail, will also likely cause the inner installation to fail as well. Backerseal works in compression providing a practical-to-install, fully functional secondary joint sealant using different performance principles than the primary, liquid sealant. Additionally Backerseal provides insulation and sound attenuation value as well as the ability to resist the effects of air-pressure differentials.

Backerseal is available in customized sizes to fit almost any vertical joint where a superior secondary seal is required. Please contact us for a project-specific quote at one of the numbers below and make sure to check out the checklist.

London: 519-453-4300 or Email Here

Kitchener: 519-743-2210 or Email Here

Mississauga: 905-362-1554 or Email Here

Whitby: 905-233-8335 or Email Here

Hamilton: 905-388-2758 or Email Here

Windsor: 519-997-7000 or Email Here

  • Provides watertight secondary seal
  • Provides R-value at joints
  • Resists air pressure  differentials/ABAA compliant
  • Remains firmly in compression against substrates
  • Contributes to LEED
  • Odourless
  • Sound Attenuating
  • Clean handling
  • Non-staining
  • UV stable
  • Low temperature flexible
  • High-temperature stable


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