Tillsonbrands Contractor’s Choice Ice Melter – 20KG Bag

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CONTRACTOR’S CHOICE™ Commercial Ice Melter is made from the latest in aviation de-icing technology used at major airports and infrastructure facilities across North America.  Using Tillsonbrand’s innovative SmartMelt formula, CONTRACTOR’S CHOICE™ has quicker ice melt activation, superior low temperature ice melt capacity, and doesn’t track or stain front entrance ways. when used as directed.

CONTRACTOR’S CHOICE™ also includes a unique anti-ice barrier feature that helps prevent snow & ice buildup when used prior to winter storm events.  Don’t put your professional reputation on the line with a conventionally blended retail ice melter.  Put your trust in a proven commercial ice melt product that is engineered for professional results.


  • Utilizes High Performance airport & professional grade de-icers
  • Low effective application rates
  • Extremely low corrosion to equipment, plant life & infrastructure
  • Green colour shows where you have applied
  • Effective to -30 Celsius

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