Permavoid Permatex Capillary Wicking Geotextile


PermaTex Capillary Wicking geotextile is a hydrophilic geotextile specially formulated to absorb water. This capillary geotextile is an indispensable part of the Permavoid capillary drainage and irrigation system. When constantly charged with water, through for example the Permavoid Capillary Cones, it allows moisture to be transported from storage in the Permavoid units to planted areas for irrigation purposes.

The capillary wicking textile remains water saturated as long as there is water in the Permavoid units. This constant availability of water creates a stable soil moisture content in the growing medium on top of the system in which the plants root. The absence of a wet-dry cycle in the soil makes plants and turf grow better.

  • Non-woven polypropylene fiber textile
  • 300g/m²
  • Superior retention and capillary transport of water

The units are designed with tomorrow’s world in mind. Made from 100% recycled materials now, and again 100% recyclable in the future.


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